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Online Chats, Open Discussions, Trainings, SuperVision & Q & A Sessions I’m doing on Zoom.

Check out our line-up for 2024! We will be adding more webinars soon.

Here, we provide several different series of trainings focused on building skills in specific & key areas of interest that are essential in doing accelerated changework & trancework.

Webinars & Online Events are now scheduled & available online. Some are free & some “for a fee”. Elvis holds live & On-Demand Events via Zoom & Vimeo Live Streaming & On-Demand Videos. He will provide you with state-of-the-art NLP & Hypnosis tools & techniques to advance your performance & improve how you live your life & “DO YOU”!

Elvis is fired up & ready to go .with a fantastic & life-changing line-up of Webinars, Live Streaming & On-Demand Audio & Videos. Get involved in online learning utilizing Zoom, Vimeo, Facebook Live Streaming & Elvis’ online learning platform like no other all conducted at the Neurocise® Studio. Join Elvis for one of his webinars, including Conversational Trance & Changework, Guided Eye Movement Strategies (GEMS) or other topics related to personal & professional evolution, change & trance, high-performance coaching, counseling & hypnotherapy applications. He also conducts session related to business as well utilizing cutting-edge NLP, Hypnosis, & Neurocise models & methods.