Intro Webinars

We have launched the “original webinars” and will soon be adding introductory webinars to “get your feet wet” and dive into new content. Keep checking with us!

Here is a partial listing of Introductory Webinars Coming Soon!

  • From Erickson to Bandler & How I Did It My Way
  • NLP Live – Open Mic & Questions & Answers with Elvis – What’s On Your Mind?!
  • NLP Spare Change – Intro to Changework & Trancework – Experiential
  • Get FIRED UP™ Take Care of Business
  • Win Within™ – PsyPerformance™
  • Go First MindFirst™ with Neurocise®
  • Taking Care of Trance™ – Learning How you Do Trance & How you can do trance
  • MindPeace™ –  Let Go Relax Now for Stress-Release
  • Intro to Change & Trance™ – 3.0 CEUs (Mini-Series)
  • Intro to TranceMastery™ – 1.5 CEUs

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