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We are so excited to provide outstanding online learning opportunities here at for your learning pleasure! The programs will improve your skill levels AND provide you the profound opportunities for “Change & Trance-Formation” personally & professionally. You will have access to advanced information & techniques found nowhere else in this format worldwide. Elvis Lester is an advanced master trainer (of Neurocise®, Eye Movement Emergence™ & EMERGE™, NLP, & Hypnosis). He not only presents information, he helps you install it via accelerated learning (modeling it himself, demonstration with clients & practice exercises intentionally designed to elicit/install/engage desired learnings in the moment). Within a few hours you will realize that the learnings you are acquiring are life-changing – generative & evolutionary yet simple & elegant. One of the most striking features of all educational events you attend or participate in with Elvis Lester is that you will always “HAVE FUN”.

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Leave us a message or call us (813-221-5466) – or better yet, go ahead & sign up for one of the Webinars you find of high value. Get your feet wet &begin your learning journey into Neurocise®, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Hypnosis. You will be so glad you did!

Just below you will find various “areas of concentration” to focus your learning on key models & techniques. Recordings of Webinars & audio or video recordings of models, techniques & interventions will be provided for your learning pleasure (delivered through Vimeo).

We will be launching our
with a multitude of models & methods (audio, video, eBooks, Zoom meetings, etc.) that will be available at your beck & call.


It's What You Are Doing!

“Patterns of Evolution”

Learn & Harness the Power of Eye Movement, Hand Movement, & so much more.

Eye Movement Emergence

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