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Exercise Your Mind to Train Your Brain!
Evolve Who You Are & How You Behave
Get your Brain into Action!
Personal Evolution Exercises for
Revolutionary Results.

Neurocise® is precisely targeted at specific skills & learnings you need to acquire & FLEX to change your brain & your behavior!!!

“Harnessing the Power of Neuroplasticity & Neuroelasticity” through
Mind-Brain-Body-Behavior (PNPB)


  • Neurocise® focuses on building & strengthening neuropathways harnessing & guiding neuroplasticity.
  • Neurocise® engages neural responses to symptom provocation stimuli or negative emotional stimuli.
  • Neurocise® activates multiple areas (regions of the brain) at will with use of your brain, body, being & behavior.
  • Neurocise® is focused on making your experience better & deeper & more profound by accessing the power of your unconscious processing (deeper structures of the brain) – not just responses or responding consciously – but allowing you to psynthesize & repsynthesize the very structure of your experience.

Neurocise® is about neural connectivity/connections – amount (quantity) & strength (quality).

The brain is constantly adapting (neuronally) to the environments we are exposed to & within which we function (internal & external environs). Stimuli from within (internally generated behavior, experience or phenomena) can lead to hard-wiring of responses (strategies). It can also lead to resolution or lessening of these binds freeing you to learn more & enhance your resources.

Create the environment & the brain will adapt to function within it. Strategies can be enhanced by learning & unlearning. Memory & Forgetting

We use our “memories” (how the brain & body records learning & experience via connectivity) to navigate & negotiate how we make contact with the world of events.

We can expand & shrink connections in our own brains – with new learnings (& re-access to those learnings – recall/recollection of memory) – creating new resources – new memories – encoded (input) & decoded (output) – making (our) neuroarchitecture more rich & robust – establishing pathways of mastery into experience & excellence. This is the true gift of genius.

We code (input) via our sensory channels – VAKO/G Modalities (Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic-Olfactory-Gustatory) & related Submodalities (sub-features & distinctions of each sensory modality that are shifting/altering incessantly) through what we refer to as “strategies” (& learning/memory).

The brain sorts & searches & compares & contrasts experiences (1 or 2 or multiple ones) depending on usefulness, economy, relevance & novelty (& many other factors) as well.

Memories stored are called upon – recalled/reconstructed/retrieved to match or not match the experience required as a response delivered – to stimuli that is familiar (anchors/triggers/cues – neural & behavioral cues) – getting faster & quicker & more economical, over a period or number of times the response is chosen/occurs (more automatically = “habit”).

Neurocise® – routing & rerouting – gives rise to neuronal structures (emergence of various properties) – depending upon qualia & quantity & timing of experience. Timelining comes into play here – accessing & utilizing the internal environment from the past-present-future – as we now know we can access past memories & resources at will with intention, in the present more fully & vividly, so that we can use/apply them on into the future.

Stimulation throughout life makes a difference especially when we are younger & developing our brains & bodies as well as our behavioral repertoire of skills & abilities. Neurodevelopment throughout our lives.

Integrative Modeling – learning new things – novel – creating brain paths – forms who we are, what we know, how we do things & who we can become so to speak. What we input has a direct impact on what we output (What You Put In IS What You Get Out – WYPIIWYGO). “What we fire – well – we wire & rewire”.

We can strengthen & weaken connections in the brain – linking & making them weaker or stronger. We can intentionally practice preempting more the activation of “positive & productive associations” – more empowering Beliefs (strong or weak) – by modulating Eye Movement, Psynergetics, Bridging to resources, shifting & adapting neurocues (Submodalities – SM), Stacking positive, resource states & Chaining +Anchors for precise recall of resourceful states, etc. & so much more.

By being more precise (having more intentionality & specificity) in our patterns that we create & generate (DO), we can ensure learning & improved performance. We can actually predict it. We can predetermine performance standards & achieve even higher-levels of results in our lives. That is what neurocise is about.

What do you need to learn to do now to get what you want or desire in your mind & your life?

Maximizing Brain Power MindFirst!

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