Learn Hypnosis & How to do Trance for Optimum Well-being & High Performance

Who are you as a master communicator, an influencer, a persuader, a motivator, a leader & an inspirer?

Pinpoint some of the different roles we play in life & work, are they not?

Others: Coach, Consultant, Hypnotist, Changeworker, Counselor & Educator, Marketer, Relater, Engager, Encourager… Get the Picture?

Do you not use different elements & traits to lead than you do to communicate? Or can we say that some of the very same traits & characteristics & skills & abilities would be used in most any of these roles? You bet they can & are definitely required especially for those who get massive results!

The key to communicating, leading & inspiring & such is that you are prepared, that you are practiced, that you know how to do what when & with whom & with just the right mental & emotional state & frame of mind – with just the right mindset & just the right attitude!

Now, that is not all of course. You also must have well-formed outcomes & a clear set of conditions & distinctions that must be met to succeed or to achieve what we call Desired State Outcomes. These are the outcomes that you require to get the results you are seeking in the various areas or roles of your life (& your client’s life). Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Details & distinctions that make all the difference… Your vision of success, your plans of action & sequences of success that impact you the learner or the receiver of the information to the point that you are motivated & influenced to take specific actions required for success. Whether that’s learning & practicing skills or applying them in real-time & integrating the real-time feedback on the fly.

Are you starting to get curious or wondering how you are going to be such a good or better & improved communicator or hypnotist or hypnotherapist?

Are you wondering, possibly: “How am I going to do this & get this kind of results he’s talking about?”

You should be by now because you truly do want to know & own & master the skills of a master communicator & hypnotist. Don’t you? Isn’t that why you are here? It’s not for the shopping & the vacation is it?

Listen, these skills will also help you tremendously in relationships, presentations, public speaking, training, groups promotions, negotiations, selling, marketing, managing, leading, teaching & other roles as well.

We are always communicating.

As a matter of fact, we cannot not communicate! We must communicate to live & to get what we want in life. And, we do trance conversationally too. Did you not know that already?

So, now, how open & excited are you about learning? How willing are you now to do whatever it takes to learn these skills & practice them wholeheartedly squeezing every bit of learning out of this experience you possibly can to be Great At Hypnosis & Master Trance?!

What we want for you is the “Go For It!” attitude & the attitude that you will do & see what happens. Suspend your judgments of self & others & do it. Get involved & participate fully.

What will happen is… You will learn that what we are doing with you & those around you is very well-planned & thought out & that it will help you acquire even more advanced skills at an accelerated rate as a result. All we need from you is this continued commitment to modulate your state of mind & body, keep your energy high as well as your focus & participation will pay off.

I guarantee it!!!

Here are just a few (all which are likely “Unconscious”)…

  • Physiology – Your access to states through how you utilize your body 
  • Language (Verbal & Non-verbal) – Linguistic Skills, Patterning, Gestures & Kinics (intentional movements – the eyes, the hands, the head & body, breath, balancing & so much more)
  • Literally, the very Structure of Thinking-Feeling-Evaluating-Speaking-Behaving-etc.
    • Deeper Structure & Surface Structure of Communicating & Relating
    • Eliciting/Detecting & working with the very “elements of excellence” involved in communication
  • Representations of the visual, auditory, kinesthetic kind that make up what we do in mind (VAK Modeling) – those that are Conscious – Other-than-conscious – Unconscious – Meta-Conscious – Just outside Conscious Awareness…
  • Input & Output Channels – How we send & receive information & make sense out of it (Encode & Decode) – Store & Restore learning & memory – Activate & Reactivate skills with intention by design (intentionally) – Usually “outside conscious awareness”.
  • State Control (internal & external), Strategies & Skills we’re now able to work with directly that changes our Storying/Stories… what we “store” & what we restory
  • Behavior (internal & external – verbal & nonverbal) – Ours & other’s performance (internal & external – verbal & nonverbal)

One of our primary goals & outcomes that we will definitely achieve will be to help you understand, really & truly understand, that your body & your mind work psynergistically & psynectically (bringing together & connecting resources in mind-brain, body & behavior) best when they’re totally congruent, when things are more aligned & balanced, including your state, posture, gestures, language, representations (internal & external) & your sayings & doings & viewings. All these (operating) variables & elements come together in a communication contact & we need to pay attention & begin to direct & guide how they do & what impact they do make realizing we definitely can alter & intentionally adapt these “pieces of excellence” to the situation, environment or context, to the receiver of the messages we are sending.

Come learn about & experience how you do hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis, trance induction, deepening, therapy in trance, termination of trance & how to do hypnotic phenomena to benefit yourself & your clients.

So, what we will really be doing is intentionally & completely focusing on how you use your sensory perception & your entire body & physiology to communicate, how you use all of your language (both verbal & non-verbal for change), how you use even the smallest chunks & elements (pieces of excellence) of what you think-feel-say-do in your communications & much more!

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