Complete Eye Movement System for Personal Evolution

Eye Movement Emergence™ (EME™)

With Neurocise®, EMERGE™& EME™…

We create the response space.
We Open & Close it & Shift it with…

TimePoints – EyePoints – NeuroPoints

We are Accessing Un-conscious Processes – Using:

  • EyePointing™ & NeuroPointing™
  • Eye Accessing, Eye Position & Location
  • Eye Movement, Eye Gaze & Eye Scanning
  • Eye Movement Emergence™ & Eye Movement Patterning™

This is usually done outside conscious awareness – implicitly – communicating other-than-consciously with the client to do certain things. We also teach the client eye movements (as a system) for personal use.

Our elicitation & work with EyePoints reflects the (innate) Response Space. New EyePoints & NeuroPoints Emerge & Engage Neural Code/ing constantly & consistently. Responses are exhibited making shifts in specific neurostructures. We know that now & we harness these profound skills to the fit & benefit of the client.

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Eye Movement Emergence & Reemergence & Guided Expression

EyePoint Emergence – EyePointing™: Neuroadaptive Eye Movement – Emergence of Desired EyePoints

This process works as a result of Adaptive Retargeting of Gaze – Moving & Orienting towards Desired State Outcomes (DSO) & Desired Responses. We are doing this with DN-Ai – Design Neuro-Associative Inquiry – leading to the development of well-formed outcomes (DSO – Desired State Outcomes).

Eye Movements emerge & are exhibited giving indicators of what the person is actually doing to create responses & experiencing.

  • How are they responding & processing?
  • What are they engaging & expressing via sensory channels?
  • Whether that is V-A-K-etc. (Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetics, etc.) – seeing, hearing, feeling/sensing…
  • How quickly they’re engaging/accessing & responding to stimuli or event-happenings
  • How they are engaging & accessing past-present-future information or material
  • How much of a delay or pause in response do they show or express (can show/express)?
  • How are they weighing the variables such as in…?
    • Evaluating or Assigning of Meaning, Value or Significance
    • Comparing & Contrasting representations or features of representations
    • Decision Making as to what cues & drives behavior & their very responses

We also want to determine whether you or your clients are…

  • Accessing PRIOR ERRORS or making CORRECTions in response that are required
    • Playing or replaying events or experiences, memories or representations
  • Adding/EDITING Responses that fit the situation now
  • Conducting Threat Assessment & taking required action to adapt & adjust
  • Selecting what to Orient to in the Visual Field & body field
    • Choosing what they attend to or focus upon in their surroundings
    • Monitoring & Modulating Dwell time or duration of response
    • Attenuating Salience or Valence of the representation
  • Specifically addressing internal details & distinctions such as somatic/affective arousal/multi-sensory experience, etc.
  • Addressing critical aspects of the experience (i.e. breathing, Submodalities, Supramodalities, etc.)
  • Determining how other people may have been involved
  • Extending the state(s) into the future & determining outcomes…
  • Viewing & Doing Future scenarios that may or may not play out

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