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Change & Trance

The ChangeMastery™ Training Program is designed for participants who have no prior knowledge of or experience in coaching, changework or hypnotic interventions (trancework). The programs emphasize the elicitation & utilization of trance & various altered states & ways to utilize these states in focused treatment & interventions for optimal functioning. The programs also allow for the development of knowledge & experience in working with the essential patterns of hypnotic elicitation, evocation, indirection & utilization of resources with a “solution-focus” & the development of specific technics for change. Through didactic presentations & practical & pertinent demonstrations & direct experience participants are provided multiple opportunities for supervised practice & experience personally the effectiveness of Neurocise® , NLP, trance & other related models for the enhancement of change.

Here is a listing of the topics & issues we will be approaching in the IMMERSION:

  • Trauma, Abuse, PTSD & STS (Secondary Traumatic Stress)
  • Stress & ASD (Acute Stress Disorder), Anxiety & Depression
  • Compulsion, Addiction & Habit-Forming
  • Identity Level Issues & Self-Evaluation & Relations
  • Dissociation, Somatization, State Management & Other “Specific Issues”

At the same time, we approach these issues, I will be working with you regarding the “Inside Nature of Change Mastery” & emphasize the elicitation & utilization of change & trance in various ways in focused treatment & interventions for maximal & optimal functioning. We will also be playing with your “inside game” & your mindset, your states, your beliefs about change, your unconscious competencies & how you see & perceive yourself & your roles as a “Changeworker” or “Tranceworker”.

Of course, we will do so by applying the models & techniques of NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® as a Systematic Approach to Change, discussing specific cases you may introduce & answer such questions as:

  • How do I use the information I am receiving & why?
  • What do I look at & when with whom& how much?
  • What is it that I do use & how do I use it?
  • How do I know what to focus on & leverage for change?
  • Simply put… How to Do What & When, With Whom & How Much!

AND You will be thoroughly introduced to what I often find myself doing, Conversational Change & Trance™ techniques that will enable you to apply this systematic approach to “change & trance” in your “discussions” & conversations with clients.


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